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Should Your Child Be Attending an Arts Academy High School?

Do you have a particularly creative or artistic child who’s not faring well at a conventional high school?

It’s not unusual for students at an arts academy high school like Arts Academy in the Woods in Fraser, Michigan to have started at a conventional high. They quickly find that it’s not the right fit for them.

Once they transfer to AAW, they never look back. This, of course, may beg the question, should your child be attending an arts academy high school?

The Benefits of Attending an Arts Academy High School

Think of an arts high school like job training. It’s the ideal place for young people to learn the ways of the arts culture and history in a completely safe environment.

Because all of the students are focused on artistic ventures, there is not the usual hierarchy that exists in a conventional high school. In other words, there are no ‘jocks’ or ‘popular’ kids picking on or bullying the ‘quirky’ artistic types.

At a school like AAW, students benefit from being surrounded by peers who value process and strive for excellence. And the educational community is especially powerful and compelling. That’s because ALL of its members — students, faculty, and staff — share a deep passion for creating art.

Plus, attending a school like AAW is a great way to discover what it’s like to study an artistic discipline in college. This can translate eventually to the professional level.

What Is Taught While Attending an Arts Academy High School

The areas in which students typically specialize are visual arts, music, theater, or dance. But there are subspecialties in each of these.

For example, under the heading of visual arts, a student may choose to concentrate on photography, illustration, or painting. Or under the heading of dance, it may be ballet, contemporary, or African. There may even be ancillary majors such as animation or gaming design.

The objective of an arts academy high school is to give students who have talent an opportunity to excel in the arts. No matter what their area of interest. And students who excel in the arts don’t have to sacrifice academic work.

Arts academy high schools focus on the importance of academics as well. And they teach these subjects in ways that appeal to those who are more artistically minded.

And according to the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP), the vast majority of arts academy high school students go on to college.

How Does It Prepare Your Child for College?

Most arts high schools incorporate a strong history and theory component into the curriculum – something that’s difficult to get in conventional high schools.

This allows students to approach college-level arts with confidence. Many even test out of introductory-level college art classes so they can explore electives. This is of benefit to students who are focusing on dual majors or would like to add a minor. 

In addition, students who attended arts high schools learn how to balance their artistic and academic pursuits. This is a big plus for students planning to attend liberal arts schools and want to pursue a double major.

Would Your Child Be a Good Fit?

If your child is serious about the arts and is a dedicated and hard worker, he or she could be a good fit for an arts academy high school.

At AAW, students understand that their teachers won’t be able to give them all the magic answers. They know the importance of self-discovery in learning their art. They’re open to experimenting in order to find what works best for them. They also learn to accept disappointments and look at them as opportunities.

Students who can multi-task and communicate with confidence will fit in well at an arts academy high school. If they’re passionate and committed to their art form and willing to be risk-takers, they will thrive.

Are You Interested in Enrolling Your Child at AAW?

If you feel your child would benefit from attending an arts academy high school, then don’t hesitate to contact us about enrollment.

Although we don’t yet know what the fall will bring, we have developed innovative techniques and strategies for keeping our students involved and engaged at the virtual level.

And when this pandemic does come to an end, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your child has found the school that will allow him or her to shine.


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