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Is AI Art Really Art?

Lately, one of the hot-button topics in the art world is artificial intelligence (AI) and the quandary – is AI art really art? There are certainly varying viewpoints on this.

Some folks see artificial intelligence as an exciting innovation that creates the potential for amazing art pieces like we’ve never seen before. But it also challenges our notions of traditionally held concepts of art and questions it legitimacy as actual art.

One thing that’s hard to deny, regardless of your viewpoint, is that AI is a remarkable technology.

The Pros of AI in the Art World

For those who sing the rallying cry for artificial intelligence, they see it as a means for democratizing creativity. It allows individuals of any skill level to produce stunning pieces quickly and without the expense of some more traditional art. This enables more people to generate work who would otherwise be limited by financial challenges and therefore makes it more inclusive.   

AI is also proving beneficial for the business side of the art world. Because it can be created at a lower price point than traditional art, those who couldn’t afford to buy art now have more options.

In addition, it’s a useful research tool for galleries and art museums that can be a major time-saving solution. It also allows art experts to understand and analyze collecting behaviors and patterns. They’re also better able to interpret market developments.

And because artificial intelligence has access to data from countless sources, it can assist in authenticating artworks by analyzing different stylistic elements. Collectors and investors can assess the value of artwork using AI. And the list goes on.

But it’s not all roses.

The Drawbacks of AI Art for Artists

Those who are not as jazzed about AI worry that it lacks the emotional depth that human-created art offers. Plus, because it learns from user inputs and can easily replicate artistic styles, there is an increasing number of copyright disputes and headaches with which to contend while attempting to determine the rightful owner of AI-generated content.

On a purely logistical level, there is the concern of artists losing work and profits to artificial intelligence. Plus, there are the ethical concerns within the art industry. Because AI drives prices down for art collectors, artists are concerned that making a living as an artist (which is already challenging) will become downright impossible.

Another point of contention is the fact that artificial intelligence relies primarily on algorithms and pre-existing datasets. There isn’t really much in the way of creative input. And artists are worried that this part of the process will be minimized and diluted as time goes on.

All of these above points ultimately bring us to the big question:

Is AI Art Really Art?

Like every industry, the art world needs to embrace technological advancements or it will get left behind. It’s tricky though. Because the product in this case is something completely unique to the individual that creates it. Many feel that because AI lacks the element of human creativity, it can’t truly be classified as art. Others deem art from AI a valid form of creativity.

Such debate has compelled researchers to conduct tests that ask participants to distinguish between art created by humans and the that generated by algorithms. Unfortunately, there have been no succinct outcomes. The results have been largely mixed. As such, the debate rages on.

It’s true that the distinction between art created by artficial intelligence and human art is getting increasingly blurred. But from where most artists stand, the fact that non-AI art will always require human touch and thought process points to the fact that it can never be completely replaced by AI. We’ll have to stay tuned.

What Is the Future of AI in the Arts?

The legitimacy of artifical intelligence art continues to be a challenging talking point. And there may never be a definitive answer to the question – is AI art really art?

Educational institutions like arts academy high schools are thoroughly exploring this question though. So if you have an artistic child who is seriously considering a future in the arts, then contact us today to take a tour of our school.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and offer new possibilities to artists, we’re ensuring that our students stay on the cutting edge of this technology. For better or for worse.


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