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Health & Wellness

Curriculum Overview

The Academy's Health and Wellness curriculum includes focus on many life skills to help improve and maintain physical, mental, emotional, and academic wellness, with an added emphasis on mental health.

Class Topics

Health and Wellness

This course integrates the state standards of health education, physical education, as well as including a weekly focus on the students’ overall wellness. Throughout the year, the “Calm Classroom” approach will be introduced to help improve the students focus and help them to cultivate peaceful, engaged classrooms and school communities by empowering students and teachers with mindfulness skills that support mental and emotional well-being.


This course provides an informational and practical learning situation for developing life-long healthy living. Areas of concentration will include: HIV/AIDS, suicide, stress, self-esteem, nutrition, physical activity, smoking, drugs and alcohol, sexual activity; influence of media, culture, and technology, goal setting, decision making skills, interpersonal communication skills and health promotion and disease. In addition, students will be participating in physical activities like soccer, aerobics, and basketball. The goal of this class is to help students improve upon their overall health and wellness, making it an important focus in their lives through relevant and relatable practices.

Personal Wellness

Understanding the relationship between physical health and mental health is crucial in order to develop a balanced physical wellness. When you understand how your body performs physically you are better able to connect it to how you feel mentally. Physical wellness encourages an understanding of the principles of good health and knowledge which lead to a healthy lifestyle. Students will use activities such as zumba, yoga, meditation, cross training, kickboxing, tai chi, classroom discussions, and journaling to experience and practice balance in mental and physical health.


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