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Creative Writing

Curriculum Overview

Creative Writers study story structure, poetry forms and writing techniques. In advanced classes, students perfect the craft of revision and learn from each other in workshop groups. Students organize and perform in our school-wide poetry slams and story slams, collaborate on plays and films, and contribute to and edit our literary blog and print anthology.

Class Topics

Creative Writing Survey

Creative Writing Survey is an introductory course where inexperienced writers explore multiple genres. Story structure, poetry forms, and writing technique are explicitly taught and practiced through each genre. Creative writers start the year with a poetry workshop and later are able to employ poetic devices and technique in their fiction writing. The course also covers creative nonfiction, including memoir and journalism. Creative writers have many opportunities to learn from their peers and share, publish, and perform their works.

Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop

At the intermediate level of Creative Writing students continue the development of writing techniques in multiple genres. Artists will participate in frequent workshops where writers read and analyze each other’s work. Throughout the course there is a focus on revision strategies. Intermediate students will also take on the role of editor of various student publications and give editorial feedback to beginning students.

Advanced Creative Writing Workshop

In the advanced level of the program writers are given significantly more autonomy with the goal of fostering independent writers with original styles. Advanced students work cooperatively and collaboratively in structured workshop groups. Writers participate in writing workshops, sharing texts they have been inspired by and give thoughtful feedback on other student works. Students are encouraged to seek publishing opportunities and to curate and edit student publications, acting as editors of our program blog and print anthology. They are also given opportunities to organize events such as our Slam in the Woods poetry slams and special assemblies.


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