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The Blurry Line Between Inspiration Vs. Copying

January 31, 2023

If you’re a visual artist, you probably know all too well the sometimes not-so-clear line between inspiration vs. copying.  You may be really into a specific artist and studying everything they do. Then you suddenly find yourself creating work that is eerily similar to theirs.  Soon enough, you start to wonder if your curiosity has...

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Engaging With and Creating Art Mindfully

January 17, 2023

When you’re looking at or making art, how often to find yourself thinking, “I like it,” or “I don’t like it”? What if, instead, you focused on engaging with and creating art mindfully? There’s nothing wrong with having preferences. But step away from being the critic for a bit.  Because when you’re able to contemplate...

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Understanding Biology Through Art

December 20, 2022

At first, the idea of understanding biology through art may seem ludicrous. After all, many of us view biology (or any science, for that matter) and art to be diametrically opposed. But they aren’t. In fact, arts-integrated educators have long known the benefits of using artwork to communicate complex biological concepts and models.  Making Sense...

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Caring For Creativity

December 6, 2022

You might be thinking, what does “caring for creativity” even mean? Well, just as you need to care for your physical self and emotional self, you need to nurture your creative self. And many of the principles applied to the first two are the same for the third. Arts-integrated educators understand this basic tenet and...

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10 Timely Books for Teens

November 22, 2022

Looking through a list of the “classics” in literature, you rarely find any timely books for teens. In fact, the vast majority of the list contains antiquated texts written by white men. This isn’t to say there isn’t value in studying some of those classics. But to help today’s young adults grasp the importance of...

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Focusing on Wellness for Art Students

November 8, 2022

The importance of emphasizing wellness for art students can’t be understated. That’s why health is an integral part of the curriculum at most arts-integrated schools across the country. In gaining an understanding of the relationship between physical and mental health, students are able to develop a balanced wellness.  As such, this course teaches students how...

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Learning Through Music

October 25, 2022

Over the past several decades, arts-integration educators have discovered the value of students learning through music.    As a conversation starter and relationship-building tool, music is invaluable. But it’s also an effective way to keep students engaged and help them to grasp concepts that may normally elude them. This is especially true for students who...

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Why Integrate the Arts?

October 10, 2022

Why integrate the arts, you ask?  There’s a lot of talk in education about creating a more optimal learning environment for students. Yet, the arts are systematically cut from the curriculum of conventional schools.  And the extreme emphasis on STEM topics, high test scores, and student achievement measurements are only making for a more homogenous...

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Art Themes Throughout America’s History

September 27, 2022

If you were to wander into a class at an arts academy high school, you might be surprised to see the emphasis on art themes throughout America’s history. Creative folks shining a spotlight on what’s happening in the world isn’t just a modern phenomenon. Artists have had their fingers on the pulse of cultural shifts...

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The Importance of Social Media for Artists

September 13, 2022

Once upon a time, artists relied on word of mouth and galleries to create buzz around their art. These days, one of the best avenues for getting their work out there is through social media for artists. The digital world was already thriving in early 2020. But when everything closed because of the pandemic, much...

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