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Arts Jobs That Require No College Degree

February 20, 2024

Teachers at art academy high schools are sometimes approached by students asking about arts jobs that require no college degree. This isn’t surprising at any school these days. After all, higher education has become too expensive and out of reach for many graduating high school students. Plus, a degree no longer means a guaranteed job....

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Arts Academy Updates 02/09/2024

February 9, 2024

Arts Academy Updates 02092024

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The Impact of Screen Time on Learning

February 6, 2024

Given the amount of time young people spend on various devices, you may wonder about the impact of screen time on learning. According to the Centers for Disease Control, kids aged 8-10 spend about six hours a day in front of a screen. For teenagers, that number jumps to nearly eight and a half hours....

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Arts Academy Updates 02/02/2024

February 2, 2024

Arts Academy Updates 02022024

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Interpreting Physics Through Art at Yale University

January 23, 2024

As an arts academy high school, we’re always fascinated by ways that other educational institutions are interpreting physics through art. After all, we know it’s no easy feat. So we were especially excited about what happened at Yale University back in the fall of 2019. That’s when an experimental seminar used art, writing, music, and...

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Why Do Some Teachers Avoid Arts Integration?

January 9, 2024

Not to beat a dead horse, but given the one-pointed focus on STEM, it’s not surprising that some teachers avoid arts integration to facilitate instruction in their specific subject. After all, with funding continually stripped from arts and music programs in public schools, there are certainly those who believe that the benefits of arts education...

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Updates January 5, 2024

January 5, 2024

Arts Academy Updates 01052024

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The Bright Future of Digital Arts

December 26, 2023

Given the increasing advances in technology, it’s hard to deny that the future of digital arts is looking promising. Very promising. This is great news for middle school- and high school-aged students focusing on arts-integrated education. The digital world has true potential to be a new frontier for budding digital artists. The metaverse appears to...

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Arts Academy Updates 12/15/2023

December 15, 2023

December PTO Newsletter Arts Academy Updates 1215 2023

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New Studies Show How Dancing Relieves Depression

December 14, 2023

Recent evidence points to the fact that dancing relieves depression. Educators at arts-integrated high schools and middle schools can certainly vouch for this. For some of these teachers, they’ve witnessed firsthand the way that the personal and profound experience of dance supports healing in their students. And it’s inspiring. Dancing Out of Darkness Depression sucks....

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